Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What is freelancing and what is freelancer?

freelancing and freelancerI have read many articles about these topics and understood clearly it from many blogger’s idea.

Here, I will share my biggest idea about what is freelancing and what is freelancer.

                          What is freelancing?

Basically, Freelancing is one of the fastest, lowest and easiest cost ways to start tasking for yourself. Some multiple websites provide an Online market place where employer’s post wok and freelancer’s bid on completing the work which is often very competitive. At present, there are many people’s work in the field of freelancing. Top most reason are given bellow:
                      1.Freelancers can work with the convenience of their own schedule.
                      2. They can work at home.
                      3.They don’t have any boss over of them.
                     4. Students can work with their study.
This is the some reason why the people like freelancing. In addition this, you will find many reason why the people like it.

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Free Top High PR8- PR1 Blog Commenting Site list For Backlink

One of the most effective methods and great way to get backlink and get traffic is blog commenting.

It is very helpful method for link building. You should try to give your link that is relevant page on your site. Write your quality  based comment that is at least 60-100 words and related with your page or site.

If you don't read our previous post about SEO, you can read from here.

1. How to write SEO friendly content that readers will love.

2.   Free download 6 SEO books

3. 5 Best question and answer sites for getting huge traffics

In this article, I will share with you free top high PR8- PR1 blog commenting site list for backlink.


Free High PR 8 Blog Commenting Site List

No.     Blog Commenting site

 1.       Movabletype                                                  

Free High PR 7 Blog Commenting Site List

No.     Blog Commenting site

 1 .       Blogs

Free High PR 6 Blog Commenting Site List

No. Blog Commenting site

 1.      Problogger

2.       Searchenginejournal

Free High PR 5 Blog Commenting Site List

No.Blog Commenting site

3.    B templates

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Best Referral Program Sites That Really Pay

Best referral sitesIf you want to earn online money by very easy and effective way, referral program is for you.

You don’t need to make a website for earning. But if you have own site, it is better. I want to say that you can earn by referral program by sharing your referral link. It is very easy way. You can earn unlimited income by sharing your link in Social Media like Facebook and Forum site like People earn huge money by sharing their referral link in social media. So, why do you late? Most of the sites offer referral program. You have to sign up in these sites and then you will find a referral link to share your friends and others. Many people want to earn but don’t know where they will join. If you share your idea with your referral link, people will join and you will start to earn. You have to choose the best referral program sites to earn lifetime.

Here are the  best referral program sites that really pay. You may earn from these real sites.

  1. Cashcrate

I have seen a lot of referral programs. But I like CashCrate as a best referral program site. Some of the people earn about $200-$250 per month here by their referral program. Here you will earn based on what your referral earn. It is a great system. They will give you $1 bonus for sign up.  When your earning will reach $20, they will pay you by check or you can withdraw your amount in your PayPal account.
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2. Points 2shop

This is really a survey site. They have referral program. You will be able to earn up to $1.5 for each person that signs up and 15% commission on their offer earnings for life. They will give you sign up bonus.
I have written another post with details about Points2shop. You can read from here. They have a lot of tasks. I earn regularly from this site.
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3. Opinion Outpost

It is another great site for referral income. They have two options; affiliate and referral. If you sign up as affiliate member, you will earn $1 for every sign up. If you sign up for referral program, you will earn $2 for every person if they complete their first survey. It is one of the highest paying survey program sites on the internet.
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Opinion outpost
Opinion outpost

 4. Constant content

This is really a better site. Here you can earn lots of money by their referral program. You will be able to earn 5% whatever your referral earns.  Some of the people earns from this site over $100,000. So, you can earn $ 5000 from one referral.
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constant content
constant content



Many people earn over $8000 from here. You can earn from this site with your referral link and add program. If you have a website, you can earn by using their add program. So, it is a great opportunity for the webmaster.
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How To Make Money Online With Blogging!

make money with bloggingThere are many ways to earn money online but no technique can be apply as simple, fun and easy like blogging.

Can you think making money just only by writing about almost anything and everything under the sun? Well, it is not impossible if you know how to monetize your blog.

In this article, I will share about how to make money online with blogging.

Actually, blogging is just a way for us to express our thoughts on the Internet. However for a growing number of individuals, blogging is a vast source of income. The best part of the blogging is that it is a moneymaking box that requires very few investments. If you’ve some free time and if you know how to write anything, then blogging for money is really better that you should consider seriously.

How to Make Money with Blogs

When it is really true that blogs may be considered as online diaries, there is great possible to make money with them. For example, if you write any topics about a popular subject and people search for a topic related to that popular subject may receive the link to your blog in the search results. Increasing visitors are the best elements for a successful blog. It is another important matter to keep your blog updated on a regularly basis to gain the page rank of Google and other search engines.

You can offer a product to your readers. If you have own product, you can sell it or you can sell other people’s product through affiliate marketing from Amazon.

You can also make money through Google Ad Sense. It is the best way to make money online from your blog. If you don’t read our previous post about Google Ad sense, click here.

Five Key Tips for a Profitable Blog

Of course, getting traffic to visit your site is easier if you write about a popular topic and can expect thousands of visitors per days. This is the best way to increase traffic in your blog. It is really true that, more traffic, more income.
1. Choose an important niche. A niche refers to a specific topics, subject or category that is popular enough. It is true that by focusing a niche topic or category, you can expect higher traffic for your blog.

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How to find online money making opportunities

Money making opportunity  Online is the great place for money making.You will find huge money making opportunities, but you have to choose the real and best. You have to be wise about where you will spend your valuable time and effort into.

Now I will share with you about how to find online money making opportunities.


  •   There are two systems that you should understand above all others when you are finding for internet money making opportunities. The first is that you have to work hard to make online good money. So, don’t trust any site that tells you can make thousands of money by doing nothing. The second is that there are tons of earning scams on the online, and you need to be careful with that.
  •       May be you are finding to make money online or you are finding home based money maker business. There are a lot of options for that, but you have to decide for the real option and task with carefully. I highly suggest you to sign up at internet money making forum sites to read reviews from other users. Forum sites are the best place for finding a real site and real task.

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