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What is Google ad sense and how to start?

Google Ad sense is the most popular CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program.
google adsenseThis service is provided by Google but not related to its search engine. It allows the publishers to insert some specific code into their website that is relevant to the content of their own site. The better news is that it is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. By using Google Ad sense you may earn huge money by third-party ads on your website. Your income will calculate both from clicks on ads and from impressions (number of the advertisement times is shown on your site). Besides the CPC and impressions, you may earn by using a Google search box in your website. If the people use it, you will get a percent from Google. Ad sense for feeds and Ad sense for Domain is another way for earning money that is also provided by Google.

In this article I will share about what is Google Ad Sense and How to start?

                                       How to start Google Ad sense?

Starting a Google Ad sense new account is really easy way. Here is the ad sense  basic information to start a new account.
1. Read the Google Ad sense program policies from A 2 Z. If you use your account in wrong way, any time it may be banned.
2. Go to the Google Ad sense home page. Then click on the “sign up now” button.
3. You have to provide your blog URL and give payment information correctly.
4. If you do not have any previous website, you can open free blog site at

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How to choose nice blog name?

There are five simple steps to follow when choosing a nice blog name.

In this article, I shall describe about how to choose nice blog name.

nice blog name

           1.It must describe your blog:

It is really true that many of the visitors try to understand about your blog site only by blog name. If people come to your site called “How can I start blogging” and your blog site is actually based on “about blogging”, you may have better success only for this step. As a result visitors will be more likely to visit your blog

                              2) It must be easy to remember:

suppose your blog talks about make money online, blogging and affiliate marketing. You can choose the domain name called, “easy money blogs”, best affiliate products etc”. If you choose the difficult name, visitors will not be able to remember it easily. This is why, they will not visit your site next time.

                               3. Tell your friends or other nearest person on choosing your blog name:

Sometimes friends or other nearest person can help you to choose best name for your blog. My some friends helped me to choose the best name.

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What is affiliate marketing and how to start easily

Perhaps, you have heard about affiliate marketing.
But if you want to know details about affiliate marketing this post is for you. So don’t wait. Read the full article from A 2 z attentively.

affiliate marketing

First, read the Wikipedia Definition about affiliate marketing:

                “Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”.
Very good, but here is my simplified definition:

Affiliate marketing is the process of online earning whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, site or service.

                      So, basically what you do as an affiliate marketer:

You promote other people’s (or company’s) product using a link with a code only being used by you embedded into it (this is required by advertiser to track the leads referred by you).

If anybody buys that product using your own link then it gets tracked by the advertiser. As a result, you are rewarded a commission (which is a percentage of the sell price or can be a fixed amount as set by the advertiser).

This is the way where the advertiser and the publisher are benefited together.

1.    All the publishers are happy because they earn a commission.
2.  In this way, companies are happy because they get more sells of their product.

For this reason, most of the product creators and advertisers provide an affiliate program for increasing product sell.

                             How can you so easily get started with affiliate marketing?

You should keep in mind a few things before choosing this business.

1. Firstly, you must choose the right affiliate product from real    marketplace.
2. Secondly, you must have some visitors who will be interested about the product.

                         Choosing the right affiliate product-

It is the most important point. If you mistake here, you will fail in this business. You have to choose that product which will help your audience. To get the best result you have to promote a product that you choose for yourself or you must be confident enough of the quality of this product.

                   Here is the some useful tips that will help you to get a related affiliate product.

                    1. Search affiliate network -
This is the easiest way to get started with promoting products   is to browse through affiliate networks. An affiliate networks act as a media between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate program. Here is some of the most affiliate networks list: Click Bank (This is my favorite site), Commission Junction (cj), and Share Sale etc.

                    2. Search Google -
This is the way to get relevant affiliate product by doing a simple Google search. Just you have to type; “your keyword + affiliate program” and you will easily get the appropriate product.

                   3. Check out online stores -
Some of the famous online stores (like Amazon, E bay) have affiliate programs. Normally, the commission is not very high but you can earn lot money by referral sells.

                    4. Check your competitors -
If you cannot find the products by following my above methods, you can follow what your competitors are promoting and you can start with those products.

                        Promoting the products and getting sells:

Yes, this is the most important part. There is a lot of way to start promoting your targeted product. But I have listed the most reliable ways bellow:
Promote using your blog – If you have already a blog with good ranking you can put a banner of the affiliate product on your sidebar with your affiliate link. This is a very helpful way but you have to sure about your product’s quality.

                             1.Use social networks
At present social network is the another best way to get success rapidly. Face book has 600 million users and twitter has 200 million users. If you have a Face book account, you can create a Face book page or group in your selected niche and once you will get a good number of fans/members. Then you can share your affiliate link with related product on your page’s wall. Thus you can use your twitter and another social network account to share your product link.

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How students can make money online easily?

For all the times, money is the most important for anyone.
make money tipsFor getting   a drop of water you need to invest money and also if you want to higher study also needed money. Now a days, if you do not have any money then nobody will respect you. But you have more money or you are a rich man then everybody will respect you. For this reason, I think every student should try to earn money from online with their studying. It is easy, easy and easy .You will be able if you follow my all articles step by step.

Now I am going to discuss in this article how students can earn money from online. Just now, read my five excellent ideas to earn money through online easily.

                           1.Ad sense revenue sharing site

          If you want to come in this point and want to earn money then you do not need invest any money. But you have to write some higher quality articles in Ad sense revenue sharing site. After you posting 40 or 50 plus articles then you will earn money from your articles. when your post will be older more than two months then you can apply for Ad sense account  for earning huge money that you didn't expect yet. If you are interested to this point and think to get any help from me then please ask me about your any kinds of problems. I will try my best to solve it any time.

                           2.Freelance job

             At present, freelance job is the most popular job for making money on internet .But you have to increase your English reading and writing skills through better attraction for applying this job. Today many clients and website owners are offering for writing articles. Some of them are giving $10 for one topic and some of them are giving more. So, I think this is the most important point or the students to get money and more better jobs than any other jobs.
If you are actually interested for this job then ask me any questions without any doubt.

                            3.Google Ad sense

            Google Ad sense is one of the most expected dreams for all kinds of bloggers. If you work to get your Ad sense account then you will get it easily. After getting your account you need to apply and use it in multiple sites for earning a lot of money to get more benefits from your account. But if you want to use it in a one blog that’s ok. You  should use SEO tips to get huge traffic for your site. You can follow can follow our another Google Ad sense related topics if you want.

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10 easy Google Ad sense tips with great results.

    Google Ad sense tips
  • Google Ad sense  program issued by millions of web bloggers around the entire world.

  •   Some of them are successful and some of them are unsuccessful. It is easy to use or set up but you need a good number of visitors to your site.

Now, I will share 10  Google Ad sense tips with great results, as it were ,you can be a successful blogger easily.

  1. All the time check your blog reports to understand which article is increasing visitors to your site. Understanding your visitor’s mind you should write articles.
  1. You have to ensure that you are fully conscious about the Google Ad sense’s terms   and conditions. Don’t use it wrong way. You may be banned for the long time.
  1. Provide an E-mail News letter option in your website.
  1. Always try to write well-written content. You should be conscious about grammar and spelling. Try to write with huge information.
  1. You should keep in mind that Black Hat SEO is wrong way. Don’t try in this way.
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